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What is "Advanced Security Logger By Pentest7" plugin ?

Advanced security logger designed to protect your wordpress from hackers. It allows you to look at live logs of your website and lets you detect malicious activities. There are multiple security features of this plugin which you can explore to keep your wordpress secure.
Features of Advanced Security Logger By Pentest7 plugin

  • Hide Wordpress Login Page

    Hiding your wordpress login page will help you avoid malicious attacks on your website. Usually hackers try to bruteforce these login pages to gain access to your dashboard.

  • Advance Log System

    The live log system allows you to look into the activities of the users and admins.
    log demo

  • Alert Feature

    Typical security plugins will have their classic way of detecting malicious payloads and blocking them but we understand how hackers operate and how they change their techniques with time. That's why using our plugin you can set your own set of payloads that will generate alerts for you which gives you a massive advantage over the hackers.

    For example, you know that %3Chack%3E is a malicious payload and hackers can use it to exploit your website. So you can set it as an alert, and whenever someone tries to access it you will get notified. You can easily block those IPs afterwards.

    Email Demo: email demo

    Alert Options: alert demo
    alert option demo

    All the provided payloads should be URL encoded.

  • Block IPs

    If you find malicious logs from an IP or multiple IPs you can select all and block them.