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World Class Cyber Security Solutions

We offer 99% security to our clients. We squash bugs like the terminator.


Power up your cyber defense with the help of our experts.


Stay Compliant

We help you to comply with regulatory standards.


Retest & Patch Support

After penetration testing, we will help you with fixing and retesting the vulnerabilities.

Our Process & Services

Build Strong Cyber Defense Against The Hackers


What do we offer?

Web PenTesting

We expose all the unauthorised access points to your email systems, firewalls, VPN tunnels, web servers and other network devices to protect you from attackers.

Mobile PenTesting

The penetration tester goes through the application’s source code and identifies unauthorized entry points and security vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Network PenTesting

The penetration tester goes through the network to find vulnerable services, open ports, and access points which would allow an outside attacker to gain access to your internal network.

Data Leak Protection (DLP)

During this procedure, we focus on endpoints where user’s sensitive data could be leaked. At the same time, we will help you build a strong security policy which includes identifying resources and implementing security in the organization.

Know about our external pentest process

Web/Mobile External PenTest Execution Process

External PenTest

It enables your company to assess its security posture as it would look to hackers attempting to get access to your network (usually via the internet), The tester has no prior knowledge of your cybersecurity setup.

Know about our internal pentest process

Internal Network PenTest Execution Process

Internal PenTest

An internal pen test identifies exploitable flaws, especially those relating to system security and setups.